Welcome to the Blog // Find out more about Amanda, founder of Creative Crane Studio

Hello everyone! It's me, Amanda - the creator and designer behind Creative Crane Studio. I want to introduce myself to those I have meet yet and let you all know a little bit about me.

I am a designer, creative, wife and mum to three boys. I love chocolate, coffee and snuggling under a blanket while constantly thinking of the next creative thing whether that's in graphic design or interior design.

My design style is all about creating bold, authentic design through good values.

I am always creating whether that's from branding for clients to giving my boys a room makeover. I have been a designer for 10+ years and am so excited to work with you on your next project and help you bring your dreams to life and come out better than you could imagine.

So let's connect and collaborate. Check out my Instagram and keep up to date with what I'm creating next. I would love to connect with you all and create a community where we can all help each other with the gifts we have been given.


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