A Graphic Designer's Guide - Values & Mission

Your Values and Mission

In the world of graphic design, every pixel, colour, and font choice is a conscious decision. But before getting into the visual elements, it’s important to establish the foundation of your brand: its values and mission statement. These help guide your design decisions, ensuring consistency and trust with your audience.

Understanding Brand Values:
Think of brand values as the guiding words that define your brand's behaviour and interactions. They reflect what your brand stands for and how it shows itself to its target audience. As a graphic designer, I like to understand your values to be able to communicate them visually to your audience.

Simple Steps to Define Your Brand Values:

  1. Identify Core Beliefs // Start by identifying the main beliefs that drive your brand. What do you want your brand to be known for? What is a non-negotiable?

  2. Align with Audience Needs // Remember your target audience. What values resonate with them? Aligning your brand values with your audience helps develop connection and trust.

  3. Be Authentic // Authenticity is key to establishing trust. Ensure that your brand values genuinely reflect your brand's identity and just be yourself!

Crafting a Mission Statement:
Your mission statement contains your 'Why'. It shows what your brand is trying to achieve and how it wants to help people. As a graphic designer, my mission is to visually show your heart to your audience.

Tips for Creating a Captivating Mission Statement:

  1. Be Clear and Concise // Keep your mission statement simple and to the point. Like the saying goes "Keep it simple, stupid".

  2. Make an Impact: Show the positive impact your want your brand to make. Whether it’s improving lives, solving a problem, or inspiring change, show-off the difference your brand wants to create.

  3. Connect with Brand Values // Make sure that your mission statement relates cleanly with your brand values.

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